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Monday, 02 May 2011 21:38

The youth had a time of reflection and thought provoking on their dreams in life as they prepare for exams which for most of those present were to determine their direction in life.One young teacher gave them the tips of preparing for and tackling exams. The other young girl who at the age of 25 has been awarded an OBE and has her own dancing academy, shared her experience and the tips to achieving success at a younger age.lastly a young man but living his life dreams as an engineer with one of the leading companies in Reading shared his success story and most of all pleaded with them to listen to and work with their parents and their seniors as they share their words of wisdom.

The youth finished the session by sharing their action plans for achieving and living their goals in life. The following were a few of the feedback  they gave.

''I feel more prepared and reassured to do my forthcoming exams''

''I can't believe he is too young and have such a senior job''

''I plan to start my own my new business before am 23 years old---she has her own acadamy at 25''

''It was good I didn't go to town as I had planned-----I would have missed all this''

The youth requsted for more  such empowering sessions.

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Written by angela_mugo   
Sunday, 03 April 2011 09:39

The Queen's Award Normination

On the 24th March 2011, Utulivu wes awarded a certificate to commemorate the achievement in being nominated for the QUEEN'S AWARD for voluntary service. This took place at St Batholomew's School Newbury. It was an empowering and inspiring evening as we witnessed  other voluntary organisations and all the MAYORS of Berkshire cheer the Utulivu women as they humbly received the certificate from Mary Bayliss, the Lord Lautenant of Berkshire. This nomiantion was supported by Steve Clifton--former community Equality and Diversity officer and currently working with the travellers group and Anne Laing--manager of Stronger Together linked with the Reading Voluntary Action.;

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Christmas and New Year Celebration

Christmas/New Year Celebration

Social Wellbeing - 30/12/10
All of the Utulivu children wore broad smiles on their faces as they opened gifts wrapped with love and kindness by the Utulivu well-wishers through The Christmas Giving Tree organised by The Reading Evening Post.

The event was a clear indication of the benefits Utulivu has continued to enjoy in their work of integration in the community, and also the message of love though sharing they always uphold within the group as they promote health in families and the wider community.
The children and adults who were present were reminded of the importance of time management, being focused and good citizenship as participating members of the wider community in order to achieve health and wealth.
More than 40 children benefited from The Christmas Giving Tree this year and we hope that his number will continue to increase in coming years.