About Us

Patience and tolerance are essential ingredients for a charity organisation, this is why we chose the name Utulivu which means ‘patience’ in our language. Utulivu is a Kenyan originated organisation that works with women and children to promote healthy living and to integrate into the wider community. The organisation was officially launched more than sixteen years ago in August 2004. The organisation welcome and work with women and children from other countries who are resident in Reading, Wokingham, Slough, Bracknell and the surrounding areas. Our work tackles discrimination and helps BME communities to have the opportunities, skills and tools to feel they can participate in the wider community is never overlooked.

All of the projects undertaken by the organisation are aim to build the capacity of African women and promote their participation in the local communities. Before the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the organisation usually organise social events throughout the year which aim at addressing isolation, stress and depression, while on the other hand we also try to increase and encourage participation and raise self-esteem amongst our members. Evaluation and review undertaken by the organisation in 2018 showed that Utulivu remains to be a highly respected, credible, and relevant organisation recognised for its unique expertise and longevity in the field. Unique migrant-led, national women’s representative organisation.


To transform communities by empowering them in sourcing, accessing and using information.


Provide a platform and means of collating, storing and sharing information. Develop training platform that meets local community needs

Our core values

In sourcing and disseminating information and supporting the groups we work with, Utulivu will uphold the following principles which underpin everything we stand for and do. The core values are summarised below.