About Us

Who Are We

Utulivu was launched in July 2004 and registered as a charity in 2007. We are a Reading, Berkshire based organisation that works with women, children, elderly and with the support of men from an empowerment point of view aimed at promoting Health & Wellbeing and positively integrating into the wider community through events and activities that address: Healthy Family Relationships, Career Progression, Health & Wealth Creation, Drugs & Alcohol, Knife Crime among others. This is mainly among the BAMER communities. 

Patience and tolerance are essential ingredients for any charitable organisation. This is why we chose the name ‘Utulivu’ which means ‘patience’ in Swahili, a language spoken in Eastern Africa. 

In 2011 received the prestigious ‘Queen’s Award’ for voluntary service among other awards locally. Evaluation and review undertaken by the organisation in 2018 showed that Utulivu remains to be a highly respected, credible, and relevant organisation recognised for its unique expertise and longevity in the community as well as uniquely migrant-led women’s organisation.



To have inspired and empowered women, youth, elderly with the support of men from the BAMER communities in control of their wellbeing thereby reducing the existing inequalities, social gaps and suffering in these communities.



Our mission is to empower communities and individuals by working with women and girls thereby empowering and transforming the communities we work with to help them live in a safe, heathy and productive environment and relationships. 


Core Values

As a women led organisation that works with grassroot communities, Utulivu management, volunteers, staff and other team members are guided by the following values:

Committed: We are committed in supporting and caring for those in need within our community to ensure they become active and productive members of the community. Our work, focus and drive are guided by this commitment hence fully integrated within the needs and interest of our communities. 

Persistence: We understand our work requires continuous engagement and sometimes with very limited and visible outcomes. However, being in this for nearly 15 years, we understand the need for persistence, despite the discomfort and frustrations that we and our communities face. 

Compassionate: Led by African women values and maternal care, our services are guided by dignity, courage, dignity, ethical, respect and compassionate principles.