Covid-19 Response

Utulivu Women's Group

Utulivu as a community organisation is committed to combating the covid-19 pandemic within the UK and abroad. The devastation of the pandemic is unprecedented and Utulivu has joined hands with other charitable organisation to provide support and free food for those who are greatly affected. The national emergency situation caused by Covid-19 disproportionately affects minority communities and means that many people now require more support than normal. Community support partners Alliance for cohesion and racial equality (ACRE), Utulivu Women’s Group, Women with Vision (Reading), and Reading Community Learning Centre (RCLC) have come together to coordinate support for BAMER, marginalised or minority communities and especially those from the new and emerging groups in Reading, Berkshire. Individuals within these communities may be experiencing difficulties in coping with the current situation and would need assistance. We aim to help them get the support they need.

‘UTULIVU’ is a Swahili word for ‘PATIENCE’. We work with women, senior citizens, children and young people with the support of men. Our main focus is to empower in order to integrate into the wider community through activities that promote health, education, wealth creation, healthy family relationships, sexual health and cultural awareness.We also provide volunteering opportunities. We run a community gardening project which is open to the public at set times throughout summer. We are a voluntary service which is run by volunteers. Three years ago we received the QUEEN’S AWARD for voluntary service.

Covid-19 Support