Take Action Today

How Can You Help

You can help with food & resource distribution and mental health support among other things.

Your donation will help us to reach and support more people better and help them to improve their lives.

Join us in establishing and running community wellbeing and safe space hub together to understand and act on issues affecting them.
Be a part of our community radio broadcaster, magazine journalist, social media manager among others to help inform our communities.
Positions Available

Volunteer & Placement

If you would like to volunteer with us or you require work placement, we are currently recruiting for the following roles. Though we are not in a position to provide a salary, we can offer travel and other volunteer stipend pertaining to your work at Utulivu Women’s Group.


  1. Covid-19 Volunteers
  2. Kickstart Placements
  3. Community Journalists
  4. Community Conversation Leaders
  5. Community Hub Assistants
  6. Community Broadcasters
  7. Mental Health Support Assistants
  8. English Teachers – Using Google Classroom & Face-To Face