Safe Physical And Virtual Spaces

Community Hub & Safe Space

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Utulivu has partnered with local and regional organisations in establishing a safe space at 344 Oxford Rd, Reading, RG30 1AF, and also virtually through our community conversations. You can take part by checking our upcoming conversations as per our events or listen to our live or previous conversations either on our social media or on FMB radio. You can read the summary of previous conversations in our events and newsletter pages.
Bringing People Together

Community Integration

Our events bring people together and connect with diverse communities. We run community events to celebrate diversity, particularly encouraging different cultures to come together. During these events, we share knowledge and information and encourage community cohesion. Through our events, we discuss key community issues such as FGM, knife crime and youth violence and mental health. We use these events to bring communities together and advocate for change. We challenge stereotypes of different communities through awareness-raising activities and large scale information sharing.
Making Your Voice Count

Community Media

The Utulivu organisation provides media platforms in cities across the country to empower BME communities to tell their stories to a wider audience. The media work engages communities at the grassroots level, providing digital storytelling training that will give people the skills and confidence they need to tell their own stories. We have the trained experts who can effectively engage community members, particularly on issues that affect them – including FGM, mental health and knife crime.